“Claybourne means born from the claybrook, a watery tunnel resembling the womb we all come from. I believe in the concept of being born-again, having character deaths through our life to become anew, and to be the truest version of ourselves. Claybourne to me, means growth, in all ways.”

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Claybournes’ sound is mix of slow sombre inner reflection, and high energetic acoustic beats until the belting of the brothers build, creating a climax in the music that rips open your heart so you may have a deeper look at your own life.

The home recorded Debut Album “When You Found Me In June” is a product of the all that has happened for Adam Claybourne in the last 7 years. From the 2 years spent on Maui, to the 2 year journey across the country to Maine, and following, the two year journey of being Married, “When You Found Me In June” is a testament to the spectrum of life he has surrounded himself with. WYFNIJ is only the beginning of Claybourne, as a project, celebrating life.

“We owe everything to everyone who’s ever supported us, in the myriad of ways our fans have. We just want to make the best music we can and play our part in healing the world.”